Dock, Point Reyes, Tomales Bay


Dock, Point Reyes, Tomales Bay. Point Reyes National Seashore, Inverness, California. March 27, 2011. © Copyright Steven Tze – all rights reserved.

A simple photograph taken from the same location as the Point Reyes at Point Reyes.  The boat would be to my right as I took this shot.

One of the more difficult things to do, at least when it’s something I don’t do often, is to look at a composition in terms of how it would look in black and white.  It isn’t a matter of taking any photograph, converting to B&W, and being done with it.   Actually, if you try that, you’ll quickly find out A LOT of shots look pretty plain and awful.

And I’m not even saying this particular shot is great in B&W, but it was rather boring.  I knew that would be the case when I took the shot, but saw enough distinct light and dark areas in front of my that I thought there would be a chance I could get a decent B&W photograph out of it.  Did it work?  Maybe, maybe not.  Ultimately, it’s about learning to recognize what works in black and white before you take that shot in color.

Inverness (Original color version)

EXIF data: Nikon D50, patterned metering mode, 75mm, ISO 200, 1/3 sec, f/16


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