Oak Tree, Green Grass, Snow

"Spot of Green"
Jackson, Amador County, CA

Oak Tree, Green Grass, Snow.  Jackson, California. March 31, 2010. © Copyright 2010 Steven Tze – all rights reserved.

Another photograph from the “early days”.  This perfectly shaped oak tree sits in a grazing pasture near the Avio Vineyard in Jackson/Sutter Creek, CA.  With an elevation just a tad under 2,000 feet, it might get the occasional light dusting of snow once or twice a year.  This day was one of those times.  I just like the fact there is this one oak tree in the field with this bright spot of green underneath it.  When printed on metallic photo paper, the colors really pop.

This photograph was only 1 of 3 that I gave a name to before I realized I couldn’t really be all that creative with names for essentially hundreds of photographs in the future.  Also, by giving photos a name, it tends to skew anyone’s thought on it.  You really just want a person looking at your photograph to draw their own thoughts on what’s in front of them.  So nowadays, I list the main elements in the composition and let that be the title.

Of the 3 photographs entered into the 2010 county competition, this was the only one that didn’t receive any awards.  Maybe placing the tree in the perfect center of the composition was not the best idea?

EXIF data: Nikon D50, patterned metering mode, 190mm, ISO 800, 1/320 sec, f/11


5 thoughts on “Oak Tree, Green Grass, Snow

  1. I was having the same thought recently. I started titling photographs on my blog from the outset. I couldn’t help it as I came from the literary side into photography. But then, as you stated, you can’t feasibly crank out considered titles on hundreds of photos! It gets exhausting and daunting. But I like what you offered up as a reason not to name. Makes sense.

    As for the photo, this projects such a quiet mood. I like the very subtle background that gives it depth.


  2. It is interesting to read your take on naming your photos. I have somewhat gone the other way, I have taken the view that if I am not interested enough in one of my photos to name it why would anyone else think it interesting. Sometimes the name is the gist of the composition and sometimes it has no relation to the photo but may reflect whatever is pass of thoughts in my mind at the time.
    I really like the shot and thnk the placement is just right. My 1.5cents!!!


    1. Good points there. At least for my blog and definitely during my time away from my home base, I’m not posting on a timely manner (i.e. instead of writing my post the night before, I’m rushing to put one together sometime during the day when it should have been published at 7:30am). I can see myself creating an interesting title and then wanting to tweak it later on. That would drive me nuts!

      But I definitely have seen firsthand at juried shows or just local contests where it would appear the titling of the photograph elicits additional positive comments, especially when done well.

      I wonder if certain types of photographs (abstract, artsy portrait, architectural, landscape, etc.) are more conducive to being titled than others.


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