Dogwood, Sky

Sutter Creek, CA

Dogwood, Sky.  Sutter Creek, California. April 26, 2011. © Copyright 2011 Steven Tze – all rights reserved.

I missed the Dogwood season in Yosemite this year.  They were late to bloom with winter stretching into early summer and I’m pretty sure I missed the turning of the colors with last weekend being peak for most of the trees in Yosemite Valley.

Luckily, down in the foothills, there is at least one road that hugs the local creek and has a few decent Dogwood trees.  I had noticed the trees a few weeks prior and had filed it away in my data bank for future photography.

I’ll be first to admit that photographing Dogwood blooms is harder than I expected.  It’s not at all like photography in your garden.  Dogwood trees are, well, trees.  Constructing a pleasing composition is a challenge.  The trees are usually in a shaded area in relatively dense vegetation.  It takes some maneuvering to isolate either the leaves or flowers.

I might have taken the easy way out and set the Dogwood against the sky.  Not a good photo by any means, but it’ll have to tide me over till next Spring.

EXIF data: Nikon D50, patterned metering mode, 46mm, ISO 200, 1/80 sec, f/5.8


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