Mineral Oil, Dresser, Wall

Bodie, CA

Mineral Oil, Dresser, Wall.  Bodie State Historical Park, California. October 16, 2010. © Copyright 2010 Steven Tze – all rights reserved.

Another photograph from Bodie, the ghost town in the Sierra Nevadas near Mono Lake.  Being this was my first visit to this famous town last year, walking up to each window to a building is much like opening a present on Christmas morning.  Sometimes it’s interesting little vignette of life back when Bodie was a working town.  Sometimes it’s like when you open up a present and it’s an ugly sweater.  That is when you look inside a window and it is either bare or has uninteresting trash.  And yes, that does mean there are buildings with interesting trash.

The building in this picture is one of the closest ones to the parking area and appears to be a bedroom.  What drew me to this scene was both the mineral oil bottle and the swirling pattern on the wall in the back room.

I believe I applied an Adobe Lightroom preset to this photo to achieve this light blue-green tone.

EXIF data: Nikon D50, patterned metering mode, ?, ISO 200, ? sec, f/?


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