Seaside Hill, Ocean, Beach

Pacific Coast Hwy, S of Bixby Creek

Sometimes people ask why it’s so expensive to live in California, especially near the coast.  Scenes like this present a rather compelling argument.  Sure, there are equally opulent areas in the US, but what’s the worst that you’ll like encounter here?  Rain, fog, and the occasional earthquake with fog being the most abundant of the 3.

We had a trip down and back up PCH last summer.  The day’s schedule was to have breakfast (Rosine’s in Monterey), then a 3 hour drive down to San Simeon to take a tour of Hearst Castle, and then a leisurely drive back up to Monterey but stopping often to enjoy the elephant seals, the coast, and the well-known photo spots like McWay Falls, and Bixby and Rocky Creek Bridges.  Bixby Bridge is one that everyone has seen, as long as they watch television and have seen their share of car commercials.  I’ll have to make it a post in the future.

One of the reasons we pulled over was of the “face” in the hills.  Upon pulling over to the side of the road, this beautiful beach scene is in front of us.  Sure, no clouds, the bane of photographers.  The colors of the plant life on the hills and near the beach popped brightly.  But what caught my eye after seeing this photo at home was the meandering creek on the beach.  I suppose every high tide wipes away the creek’s path and a new one forms at low tide.

If you notice the EXIF data, this is another photograph where I inexplicably set the ISO at 800, instead of the default (and preferred) ISO 200 of the Nikon D50.  I’m sure it’s another sign of my still learning to use my dSLR camera on Manual.  Shooting at ISO 200 would have meant a shutter speed of around 1/300 sec with still no problems associated with this being a hand held image.  At a higher ISO, I’ve introduced some noise in the photo as an unnecessary artifact that was removed in post processing.

EXIF data: Nikon D50, patterned metering mode, 26mm, ISO 800, 1/1250 sec, f/10

Seaside Hill, Ocean, Beach.  Pacific Coast Hwy, south of Bixby Creek, California. June 05, 2010. © Copyright Steven Tze – all rights reserved.


4 thoughts on “Seaside Hill, Ocean, Beach

    1. Thanks Brandon!

      One day far from now I’ll have to run a search of my blog posts and see how many times I complain about the lack of clouds! The worst is always when I’ve been tracking weather at Yosemite for the past week expecting clouds, then when I’m actually there…nothing.


  1. I have stopped here and taken a few photos from this exact same spot. Nothing spectaular given that some view points see millions of visitors, but yet found it interesting to see this. Reminded me of my trip along Highway 1 last summer ! *sigh*


    1. In an area full of picturesque locations, we almost passed this location by also. Besides the “face” in the hills, I was also looking for wildflowers. On the other side of the road from the beach were ice plants with flowers and other wildflowers. It was only for both these reasons that we stopped. And of course the funny thing is that once one car parks on the side of the road, other cars stop to see what’s there. Pretty soon there’s 4-5 cars stopped. Yeah, it’s almost a year and half and I’ve haven’t been back either. :-/


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