Lake Shore, Curve, B&W

Lake Camanche, CA

On one of the few weekend mornings I am awake at a reasonable hour, I see fog outside.  Absent storm clouds, it’s rather thrilling for me to see fog too.  The idea was to drive through the nearby ranches and see what was catching my eye with the final destination being areas around Lake Camanche Reservoir that I had store in my data bank of things to shoot in the future under better conditions.  By the time I arrive in the Lake Camanche area, the fog wasn’t really there and the sun wasn’t about to poke through the clouds.  One particular composition I had in mind was a very hilly and curvy stretch of road that just didn’t seem as great as I had remembered it.

I was left shooting stick trees and a line of distant trees on an finger of land extending into the lake.  Nothing stood out.  One of the last shots of the day was of this perfectly curved shoreline.  While not impressive as sweeping landscapes, sometime it’s a matter of finding something, anything to practice your photography on.

EXIF data: Nikon D50, patterned metering mode, 120mm, ISO 200, 1/160 sec, f/4.8

Lake Shore, Curve, B&W.  Lake Camanche, California. January 28, 2011. © Copyright Steven Tze – all rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “Lake Shore, Curve, B&W

  1. It works for me, when I first saw it on your home page I thought it was an abstract, a classic sweeping “s” composition. When you look further into the shot the details start to revel themselves, the twigs and branches just breaking the water at the lakes edge.

    If this is what you are shooting when conditions are not great I will be keeping a very close eye, this is just about perfect as is…


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