Selland’s Storefront, Lamp, Night

El Dorado Hills, CA

The long-awaited Selland’s Market Cafe opened its doors in El Dorado Hills this week.  For the foodies in Northern California, Chef Randy Selland is known for his original market cafe on H Street in Sacramento, Ella’s Dining Room, and of course, the renown $135 per person demonstration dinner known as “The Kitchen”.

This photograph was taken in the evening after closing time.  I had taken 3 bracketed exposures, intended to create an HDR photo, but ended up using the just the middle exposure and making small adjustments in post processing.

I had hoped to have some time to snap photographs inside on Monday when they opened their doors for the first time, but I was a bit busy at work during the lunch hour.  Fortunately, Selland’s is 3 blocks away from where I work.  Besides the great food, what I love about this new Selland’s is the decor.  They call it French Country Bistro, I call it earth tone shabby chic.  Either way, it’s high end but functional.

A couple of co-workers and I finally made our way over for lunch on Thursday.  The place was packed.  While waiting for our orders, I had noticed one of the runners bringing food to the tables and remarked to my coworkers that he resembled Chef Selland.  Dressed in jeans, tennis shoes, and a Selland’s t-shirt, I just wasn’t sure it was him.  Lo and behold, he was the one that brought our to-go sandwiches to us.  He thanked us for stopping in.  I made a quick comment on how beautiful the place looked.  He then asked for my named and replied back “I’m Randy Selland and please come back again.”  Maybe I’m a sucker for celebrity chefs, but that was pretty cool.

Now if I can just find someone to take to “The Kitchen” one of these days…

EXIF data: Nikon D7000, center weighted metering mode, 55mm, ISO 200, 0.8 sec, f/7.1

Selland’s Storefront, Lamp, Night.  El Dorado Hills, California.  February 02, 2012. © Copyright Steven Tze – all rights reserved. 


One thought on “Selland’s Storefront, Lamp, Night

  1. But you do recall the amusing review of the menu last time and you would have needed a substitution on 4 of the 5 courses. Chef Selland seems to be a great guy but I think that might send him over the edge!!


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