Branch, Bigger Shadow, Snow

Taylor Creek, South Lake Tahoe, CA

No, I’m not recycling the same picture from before, but it is the third photograph of branches or tiny plants and their shadow(s) in snow.  Sometimes it is much more interesting for me to shoot these little compositions rather than sweep landscapes or mountain ranges that have already been photographed millions of times by others.  Unless there is special light or cloud formations, or I’ve driven specifically somewhere to shoot an iconic object, I’ll take time to find some content that’s a bit out of the ordinary.

What I will recycle is a paragraph from a previous snow post that is applicable again:

“One of the biggest mistakes photographers have with snow is setting the correct exposure.  The camera’s metering system meters scenes to a middle tone or medium grey.  So while you think you’ve metered the scene correctly, you’ll underexpose the snow.  The snow will turn out greyish color.  Typically, you can take this into account by overexposing by 1EV, or 1 stop.  I’ve read advice going from +1/3 EV all the way up to +2EV.  This is due to differences in camera model, metering mode, and even the scene itself.  It wouldn’t hurt to shoot a few bracketed exposure from +1EV to +2EV.  For those not shooting in Manual mode, most camera have an exposure compensation function.  Just set that to +1.0 or any value you’d like.  Remember to set it back to 0 when you’re done though!!”

More posts from the day trip to Lake Tahoe:

EXIF data: Nikon D7000, center weighted metering mode, 50mm, ISO 100, 1/140 sec, f/16

Branch, Bigger Shadow, Snow.  Taylor Creek Visitors Center, South Lake Tahoe, CA.  February 19, 2012. © Copyright Steven Tze – all rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “Branch, Bigger Shadow, Snow

  1. Thank you Susan!

    It was definitely serene being the only person out there within eyesight and enjoying the sound of my crunching through fresh snow and hearing the occasional burst of wind rush through the bare branches. 🙂


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