Sierra Foothills ABCs (ABC Award)

Alright, here’s the 3rd post in a row for blog awards!  I figure if another blogger is going to award me something, I should at least try and follow the guidelines of the award!  So thank you Erica from ExperienceNorthCape.  She’s an expatriate now living in Honningsvåg, North Cape, Norway and gets to use those cool letters with circles over or lines through them like: å and ø.  She’s also opening a gallery in her town and is posting a sneak peek of her work: >>HERE<<
The rules of the Awesome Blog Award:

1.  Thank the person who gave you the award.

2.  Nominate others to receive the award for their own awesome blog content, and notify them of their nomination.

3.  Use the ABCs to describe something about yourself or your philosophy in a word, a sentence or a short paragraph.

The ABCs of me and/or the Sierra Foothills:

A – Aspens. An hour away and an essential during the fall color season.

B – Blueberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake. That’s right, I can follow a recipe’s instructions!

C – Clouds.  It seems like I constantly lament about the lack of them during my shoots!

D – Dogs. Love them, especially my long-haired chihuahua.

E – Eggs. I’ll take mine over easy…or scrambled with soy sauce and sesame oil blended in.

F – Fishing.  Tried it once, didn’t turn out well, never did it again.

G – Guinness Draught.  My alcoholic beverage of choice.

H – Horses.  I never knew they would physically lay down to rest if they feel secure, until I moved up here and saw it.

I – Instagram.  I don’t get what the big deal is.

J – Jury Acceptance.  What I’m worried about right now with a looming fine art competition coming up.

K – Kershaw.  As in Clayton Kershaw, ace pitcher for my hometown LA Dodgers.  He’s the closest I’ve come to actually purchasing a pro baseball jersey.

L – Loredona.  A winery from the Central California Coast that makes Rieslings I like.

M – Mono Lake.  It’s strange how such a small area where the tufas are can inspire some many photographers.

N – Not Gonna Work Here Anymore!  A great line from Office Space. “Next we have Samir Naga…Naga…not gonna work here anymore!”

O – Oak Trees. They are throughout the rolling foothills and a favorite subject of mine.

P – Pearl Jam.

Q – Quick wit.  If you know me and my sarcasm and jokes.  Be prepared and be ready to fire back!

R – Ranches.  Lots of working ranches still around here.  I can occasionally walk out at night and hear the cows mooing nearby.

S – Southern California.  Where I grew up.  I guess I sometimes phrase things a certain way (surfer speak) and people up here seem to identify me as from So Cal.

T – Tennis.  I used to play a lot when I was younger and was pretty good at it.  Played in high school, made the All-County team.

U – Uninspired.  I hate being uninspired.  So I use negative events and anger to motivate me and drive me forward.

V – Vultures.  Big ol birds that like to stretch out their wings on top of telephone poles in the morning.

W – Water.  I grew up near the ocean and beaches.  Now I live near rivers and lakes.  The idea of rivers and lakes grosses me out because its dirt and mud and not sand.  Weird, I know.

X – Xtra clothes in a duffle bag.  It’s always in my car in case I need them.  You never know what happens when you’re out in the field shooting photographs!

Y – Young Guns II.  Much better than the first Young Guns movie.

Z – Zero.  The number of times I’ve been to Europe.  I need to change that!


In breaking the rules, I’ll list some blogs I follow.  Yet, I won’t force them to do the ABC steps unless they really want to.  I also won’t message them.  If they read it here — great!  Otherwise, I’d rather just send readers from this blog to their blogs.  They’re interesting to and hopefully interesting to you.

  • jdtphotography – I’m a big fan of James’ B&W coastal photography (and his other works as well!)
  • Creativity Aroused – Art through creative photograph processing
  • thenicolniche – A blog with photography, writing, and everyday life
  • adrianpym – Photographer going through his own learning process about photography (technical and otherwise)
  • dianajhale – A photographer and painter with a focus on water and landscapes
  • photobypawelp – Mountaineering enthusiast that always seems to have a camera around!
  • cameravagrant – A photographer wandering through France
  • Slice of Life – Photographer that centers on the darker themes, often employing textures in post processing (I think?)
  • Natureview Photography – Nature and wildlife photography

And this miscellaneous reuse photograph for today is:

Mono Lake South Tufa

6 thoughts on “Sierra Foothills ABCs (ABC Award)

  1. Congratulations on your well deserved award fest! Thanks for the nomination- very sweet of you! I feel slightly ambivalent about the whole idea – a bit the same as you and will have a think about how to respond. It is a good idea to just post links rather than force people into it.
    best wishes


    1. Thanks for the congrats Diana! I started being overly analytic about the entire award thing. If everyone that was given an award nominated another 10-15 bloggers, how soon before a majority of people get nominated?

      So I just take it as an opportunity to turn people to some of the blogs I like. Given the way WPress displays new posts on their tagged pages, I’m pretty sure there are some blogs that are fantastic that I may never see until someone else tell me about them.

      But I enjoy your combination of photographs and paintings blog. It’s one of three blogs that isn’t purely photography that I follow!


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