Centrifuge Meter, Warning Signs, Selective Coloring

Old Sugar Mill, Clarksburg, CA

Continuing with more industrial decay at the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg, CA.  In a building dominated by drab tones after  nearly 20 years of sitting idle, the warning signs and their bright colors really do catch your attention.

(As always, click on the image to see it in 700px goodness.)

This photograph was taken into Nik Silver EFex Pro2 for initial B&W conversion.  Besides the various adjustments to tones, contrast, and the like, selective coloring was used on all elements on that post (from the warning signs to the green color of the post itself).  One additional selection color area is the bottom half of the wall in the background.  Additionally, heavy vignetting was applied to keep your eyes focused mostly on the the signs.  So while the composition was in a relatively dark location, the use of a tripod and a 3 second exposure resulted in ample light in the photograph which actually required the vignetting to direct the viewers’ gaze.

The black box on the post is not a time clock, but rather a centrifuge mass meter.  The Dynamo label below the broken dial reads “MASS AS SPUN”.  Being as this is sugar mill, the centrifuge is used to separate the sugar crystals from the syrup it is suspended in.

First post using photographs from the Old Sugar Mill:

EXIF data: Nikon D7000, center weighted metering mode, 38mm, ISO 100, 3 sec, f/13

Centrifuge Meter, Warning Signs, Selective Coloring.  Old Sugar Mill, Clarksburg, California. August 25, 2012. © Copyright Steven Tze – all rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “Centrifuge Meter, Warning Signs, Selective Coloring

  1. A contemporary vintage sign. 😉 I’ll have to locate some more industrial building that I can get access into. Sadly, not many places you can walk into around here. Stupid liability and all.


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