Yellow Line, Concrete, Converging Lines

(Downtown) Sacramento, CA

Yes, I am completely milking the latest photography excursion to the newly expanded Amtrak station in downtown Sacramento’s “Railyard” district.  From beginning to end, 1 hour of photography, and already at least 3 blog posts have resulted.

Sometimes it is the simplest of compositions that excite me.  For instance, the stenciled warning and the yellow line.  Probably not very interesting for most, but it certainly is for me.  In fact, I shot 2 other compositions of these elements, of which 1 might eventually make it only the blog.  Partly, it is the converging lines coming towards each other at the top of the photograph, part of it is also the shadow lines on the right side.

Throw in a conversion to B&W, selectively bring back the yellow line, induce a bit of vignetting, and then my new favorite technique…adding in grain.  All of that completes the noir feel.  With landscape/nature photography I have always tried to produce crisp, clear images.  But in street/urban photography, the clean crisp image doesn’t always work as it ends up being very sterile.  So I am a bit excited on how shooting more in urban areas has caused a bit of an evolution in how I processing my photographs!

Recent Sacramento street photography:

EXIF data: Nikon D7000, center weighted metering mode, 23mm, ISO 100, 1/3 sec, f/4

Yellow Line, Concrete, Converging Lines.  Sacramento Valley Station, (Downtown) Sacramento, California. September 27, 2012. © Copyright Steven Tze – all rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “Yellow Line, Concrete, Converging Lines

    1. Thanks James. Post processing played a big part in the end result here. I even rotated the image just slightly in post. Originally the elements in parallel with the yellow line were shot straight up and down the image. After seeing the shadow lines on the right side angle up towards the left a bit, I decided to rotate the image a bit bit to have all lines pointed up towards the top center of the photo. It’s that whole symmetry thing I love!


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