Cloud Reflections, High Rise Windows

(Downtown) Sacramento, CA

Continuing with the urban shooting theme.  If I will already be downtown for drinks or dinner, I might as well spend some time shooting, right?  Here the sunset clouds are reflected off the high rise windows at 300 and 400 (Wells Fargo Building) Capitol Mall in downtown Sacramento.

(Click through on the photograph above for the slightly improved 700px view)

While shooting the Tower Bridge, I had an eye towards any possible compositions involving the high rise buildings that line Capitol Mall.  The Mall is the main street that leads from the bridge to the State Capital building.  Various government departments, law firms, and banks have a presence on this street.

With the somewhat rare clouds making an appearance this summer, we were all fortunate enough to have some great sunset color for about 15 minutes.  I took the opportunity to spend a few minutes to not shoot at the bridge, but rather at the reflected color.  I had hoped to catch a vantage point where I could get a reflection of the bridge, but didn’t find it this time.

I used the Lens Correction feature in Lightroom to straighten out some of the distortion in the photograph.  Based on how the buildings line up, it gives the impression of not being level.  Without some advanced processing in Photoshop, this is about the length of editing I’m willing to employ on a photo.

Recent Sacramento street photography:

EXIF data: Nikon D7000, center weighted metering mode, 122mm, ISO 100, 1.6 sec, f/5.6

Cloud Reflections, High Rise Windows.  (Downtown) Sacramento, California. September 21, 2012. © Copyright Steven Tze – all rights reserved.


3 thoughts on “Cloud Reflections, High Rise Windows

  1. Beautiful! As someone who normally does everything in my power NOT to have manmade objects in my photos, I found my trip to NZ challenging, as I spent the majority of my time in cities. Which is one of the reasons I still haven’t posted any – not sure which ones are good 🙂


    1. Thank you Nancy! I’ve been the same way about man made objects, but I’ve been a bit more cost and time effective this year. I’m trying not to spend $60-80 for gas 2-3 weekends each month and basically using up the entire weekend in the process. So more trips downtown since I’m already there for one reason or another. I still haven’t made a trip into SF for the strict purpose of street photography. I usually have that as a if I’m not dead tired, I’ll give it a shot, but it never seems to work out.

      I’m looking forward to seeing your cityscapes! And I understand the feeling of sorting through those types of photos. Composition seems a little tougher for some reason. This photo was one of 3-4 compositions I took of this scene, and this has been the only one so far that I’ve been ok with.


  2. Maybe someone can make it into one of those Motivational posters. And definitely not a dentist office where all the pictures are serene and happy. This is more order and structure, so yeah, law offices give me a call and I’ll sell you this photograph!


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