Coca Cola Neon, Light Trails, Long Exposure

Sacramento, CA

I am not a big fan of being out on Stockton Blvd at night, but I figured I was safer being in the parking lot of the hospital across the street from the Coca-Cola production facility.  Plus, there were tons of hipsters waiting to get into a theater for some horror fest screening.

(Click through the image to see how this image isn’t sharp — in 700px)

Opening in June of 1935, this facility serves as the only bottling and canning facility for Coca-Cola products for most of Northern California, north of San Francisco.

For some reason, there is camera shake in the photograph.  It is not seen in this size image, but clearly noticed when zoomed in.  Very strange since the camera was on a tripod.  Maybe I accidentally nudged the setup during the 8 second exposure.  Originally, the f/stop was set to f/16, requiring a full 20 seconds for equivalent light exposure.  That seemed like a great idea in capturing the light trails from the cars passing by on the street.  The problem with a 20 second exposure is that the trails become very thin.  The light enters the camera at a slower rate so transient objects are less prominent.  Bumping down to f/10 only required 8 seconds to achieve the same light exposure.

In post (processing) the temperature was brought down to a cool 2345K.  The whites in the photo are now much more blue and more visually interesting than the barely visible original white streaks.

Recent Sacramento street photography:

EXIF data: Nikon D7000, center weighted metering mode, 52mm, ISO 100, 8 sec, f/10

Coca Cola Neon, Light Trails, Long Exposure.  Sacramento, California. October 13, 2012. © Copyright Steven Tze – all rights reserved.


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