Rosette Windows, Arches, Monochrome

Oakland, CA

Rosette windows.  A familiar sight for those gothic-inspired buildings constructed in the early 20th century.  Maybe it was a bit odd to specifically seek out a mausoleum for architecture photography.

(click through on the image to view in 700px)

Themed photography day trips.  It is thoughts like these that results in me visiting a historic hotel, miscellaneous churches, a former YWCA turned charter school, and the Chapel of the Chimes mausoleum — all in one day.  All these buildings have one thing in common, the same architect.

I am not the type to take photos of an entire building.  The photos rarely turn out well.  Maybe I am just not very good at that sort of photography.  Or maybe many buildings are rather bland unless you find some secret squirrel angle or light condition.  It is probably some combination of the two and other factors not thought of.

This was quickly processed in Nik Silver EFex Pro 2 and Lightroom.

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EXIF data: Nikon D7000, center weighted metering mode, 18mm, ISO 100, 1/50 sec, f/4.0

Rosette Windows, Arches, Monochrome.  Oakland, California.  November 04, 2012. © Copyright Steven Tze – all rights reserved.


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