Alcatraz, Model Industries Building, Sutro Tower, Monochrome


Sutro Tower and the hills and homes of San Francisco snuck into this shot of the Model Industries Building on Alcatraz.  Frankly, I cannot remember if it was my intention to get the tower into the composition, but this was one of four consecutive photos I snapped while on the ferry heading over to the island.

(Click through the image for the 700px view)

For the night tour of Alcatraz, instead of the usual counter-clockwise route during the day arrivals, the ferry approaches the Alcatraz dock in a clockwise direction closer to both Industry building, the water tower, and the power plant tower.

When we first left Pier 33 towards the island, I was prepared to shoot the entire trip using the 35mm prime lens, but decided to switch to the 55-200mm zoom at least for the ride there.  If I had shot this with the 35mm, the tower would have been only a speck in this photo and a very inconsequential element overall.  During post, the multi-toned hills and homes littering the hills in the foreground really stood out as a point of interest.  A follow-up photograph of just the layered hills and the tower from Alcatraz vantage point is a must for the future.

Listing of photograph(s) from this day’s San Francisco daytrip:

EXIF data: Nikon D7000, center-weighted metering mode, ISO 100, 100mmf/4.5, 1/250 sec

Alcatraz, Model Industries Building, Sutro Tower, Monochrome.  Alcatraz, San Francisco Bay, California.  January 26, 2013. © Copyright Steven Tze – all rights reserved.


3 thoughts on “Alcatraz, Model Industries Building, Sutro Tower, Monochrome

    1. It’s one of the truly off-limits areas on Alcatraz. Surrounded by chain-linked fence and even I didn’t sneak in there over a decade ago when a few of us explored the island and took our own unauthorized tour. Awesome building to shoot in I would guess!


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