Sacramento, K Street, Square Lit Signs, Long Exposure

ISO100, 55mm, f/10, 15 sec
Downtown Sacramento, CA

I have been far too busy these last few weeks to properly go out and photograph.  Even the two trips I made downtown were quick jaunts to drop of photographs and to select custom framing for my stash of “unloved” screenprints displayed for 5-10 years in mylar sleeves and hung on the walls with binder clips.

(Click thru the image for the 700px view)

With that said, here is one of the few remaining photographs from almost a month ago that is deemed halfway decent enough to make it to the blog.  Maybe in another week I will take advantage of a possible Friday evening “Supper Club” and discover new compositions to shoot downtown.

I may even have to come back to the Mayahuel Restaurant to shoot the lovely display of lit up tequila bottles inside.

EXIF data: Nikon D7000, center weighted metering mode, ISO 100, 55mm, f/10, 15 sec

Sacramento, K Street, Square Lit Signs, Long Exposure. Downtown Sacramento, California. June 25, 2013. © Copyright Steven Tze – all rights reserved.


4 thoughts on “Sacramento, K Street, Square Lit Signs, Long Exposure

  1. I really like all the rhythm in this shot – the lit signs, the columns, the planter boxes, the second floor windows – and the way they lead the eye to that lit window at the end.

    But I am also interested in seeing those lit up tequila bottles…..


    1. Thanks Melinda. I had a bit of a hard time cropping this image in post considering all the elements you described.

      And yes, I need to get back there and shoot the tequila bottles. Until next time!


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