Rancho Murieta (CA), Oak, Fence Line, Rolling Hills, Monochrome

ISO100, 55mm, f/13, 1/60 sec
Sacramento County, CA

The tree is always there when I drive by.  Usually when I am on my way to the lake.  Or when I have dinner with friends downtown.  Always it seems, when I am already late.

(click through on the image to view in 700px)

The tree is always there.  Taunting me it seems.  One of the few lone oaks trees I can isolate against the sky in an area dotted with scrub oaks backed by nearby bluffs and not-so-distant mountains.  Finding a location to park my car is not so easy on two-lane country roads with ditches and decomposed granite on the shoulders.  Leave it to me to finally have the time… in the middle of the day.  But I had promised myself I would shoot before I reached home.  I even refused to take home a plate full of tasty BBQ chicken from a party because I planned on driving around and shooting for the next 3 hours.  And 3 hour old chicken sitting on the passenger seat in the middle of summer is just asking for trouble.

Instead of the usual, make-everything-as-crisp-and-clear-as-possible, I went the direction of an ethereal vintage landscape.  The harsh reality of the blazing sun casting unfavorable shadows everywhere was mitigated into a dreamlike composition.

EXIF data: Nikon D7000, center-weighted metering mode, ISO 100, 55mm, f/13, 1/60 sec

Rancho Murieta (CA), Oak, Fence Line, Rolling Hills, Monochrome.  Sacramento County, California.  August 10, 2013. © Copyright Steven Tze – all rights reserved.


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