Folsom (CA), Rainbow Bridge, Split Tone, Long Exposure

ISO800, 18mm, f/8, 30 sec
Folsom, CA

Sometimes the composition is not spot on, but it is the post-processing that saves the day.  For an aged but still graceful structure such as the Rainbow Bridge, built in 1919, the challenge is to find original compositions.

(Click thru the image for the 700px view)

It is a bit strange when I miss on a shot, or in this case, several shots.  Maybe I was tired, maybe I was busy chatting with the teenagers that stopped by and considered climbing the arch to the center of the span.  But if you look to the top right of the photograph, the “handle” and most of the Big Dipper is clearly visible.  Yet somehow I did not even see it while standing there in person.  I guess if you are too focused on one aspect of the shot and do not take the time to see your surroundings, this happens.

In retrospect, I might have improve this photo by stepping back and up the hill slightly.  That would then allow me to include the rays of light from the top left street lamp entirely into the shot, bring the entire bridge lower in the composition, and include the full Big Dipper.

At least I was able to achieve some of the pre-shot vision by “fixing” the photo in post to train the eyes on the bridge’s arch, top deck, and street lights while putting secondary emphasis on the rocks and water under the bridge (by bringing up the exposure of those dark areas) and even the house on the hill.  Everything else on the edges are literally faded to black.

EXIF data: Nikon D7000, center weighted metering mode, ISO 800, 18mm, f/8, 30 sec 

Folsom (CA), Rainbow Bridge, Split Tone, Long Exposure. Folsom, California. September 06, 2013. © Copyright Steven Tze – all rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “Folsom (CA), Rainbow Bridge, Split Tone, Long Exposure

    1. That is true, we do obsess about framing the perfect shot quite often. There are certainly times when we believe we have captured a scene exactly how we want, only to be a bit disappointed upon further review. What bothers me on this particular shot is I feel as though I missed something obvious because I was either distracted or lazy. But yes, there was enough here to pull out a good shot, so at least there are positives here. 🙂


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