Hope Valley Fall Colors 2013 ~ Trip Report 2013-Oct-12

So here is the quick and dirty on the Fall Colors in the Hope Valley (CA) area along Hwy 88.  Posting from “the road” (in a Starbucks) from the Nevada side before heading down Hwy 395 towards Bridgeport, Lee Vining, Mono Lake late this afternoon.

I report from west to east along Hwy 88 using landmarks or mile markers whenever possible.

Amador Mile Marker 67 to Carson Spur: Peak, Go now! Mostly yellows

Kirkwood to Caples Lake: 50%-Down.  Very inconsistent in this area with some areas at 50% while other are almost completely down.

Woods Lake Fishing Entrance: 75%-100%. Lots of yellows.  Lots of brown spots (burns) on the leaves from the cold front that moved into the area midweek.

Woods Lake Rec Area: Past peak. Too late.

Red Lake: Peak, Go now!! Yellow and orange colors.

Iconic Cabin: Past peak. Too late. Although the trees on the ridges high above the cabin are at peak.

Unmarked Old Emigrant Trail to Alpine Mile Marker 10: Peak, Go Now!!  Lots of yellows framed in the background by the mountains behind.  Parking is along the road one very small turnoff area.  Be careful when entering, crossing roadway, exiting vehicle.

Blue Lake Road: Not checked.

Hope Valley Corral (northside of highway): Past peak. Too late.

Hope Valley Campground (northside of highway)Past peak. Too late.

Hope Valley Campground (eastern side)/Hwy 89 Jct: 75%. Go now. Yellows, oranges, and reds with some greens here and there.

Sorensen’s Resort: Peak. Go now. Yellows.

West Fork Carson River (and down the eastern side): 75-100% Go now!! Lots of color, still some water in the river.


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