Yosemite, Rim Fire, Hydroseed, Tree Trunks

ISO100, 68mm, f/4.2, 1/25 sec
Just outside Yosemite National Park, Hwy 120, CA

One of the unexpected sights driving through the area just outside the northwest entrance of Yosemite National Park is the almost florescent green color coating the burned tree trunks.  Black needle-less pine trees are the result of the Rim Fire in the Stanislaus National Forest and neighboring Yosemite National Park.  With the forest floor cleaned of pine needles and leaves, the danger of heavy erosion from rain and Spring snow melt is very real.  To counter this threat, highly susceptible areas have been hydroseeded.  A tanker truck sprays a mixture of grass seed and water onto the bare ground (and these trees).  The hope is with some water, the seeds will germinate into grass and hold the soil in place.

This was the last area I visited for the weekend trip into the Eastern Sierras and back.  While Yosemite is closed due to the government shutdown, travelers are allowed to drive through the park to get to the other side.  Though we are all warned not to stop and park next to the side of the road, I encountered many instances of just that, including cars parked at Olmsted Point and people admiring the sights despite the warning.  Who can blame them.  I started a game with the cars that were around me on Tioga Pass Road by pulling off the road so everyone could pass.  That way I can drive slow and take my time enjoying the view.  Pretty soon, some drivers were catching on and trying the same thing with me.  We all kept swapping who was in the back and eventually we all just drove slow together.

The trip reports on the Fall Colors for the weekend of October 12-13 are linked here:

EXIF data: Nikon D7000, center weighted metering mode, ISO 100, 68mm, f/4.2, 1/25 sec

Yosemite, Rim Fire, Hydroseed, Tree Trunks. Stanislaus National Forest outside of Yosemite, California. October 13, 2013. © Copyright Steven Tze – all rights reserved.


One thought on “Yosemite, Rim Fire, Hydroseed, Tree Trunks

  1. At that moment in time, I was the first to pull over after seeing this. Then a lady with an overheating radiator pulled over to give her car a break. Next thing you know, we have 7 cars parked on the shoulder of this 2-lane highway along a curve. I love when that happens.


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