Sacramento (CA), Capitol Building, Drum-Dome-Lantern-Finial, Close-up

ISO100, 98mm, f/10, 13 sec
Sacramento, CA

Anyone can shoot the state capitol building in its entirety.  Frankly, anyone can shoot a photograph like this, but they rarely do.  Why?  Likely the instinctive thought process where the sum is greater than its parts, or part in this case.

What I enjoy about these types of photos is the ability to see the architectural details that are difficult to see from ground level.  With the building completed between 1861 and 1874, some parts of the building are now over 150 years old.

EXIF data: Nikon D7000, center-weighted metering mode, ISO 100, 98mm, f/10, 13 sec

Sacramento (CA), Capitol Building, Drum-Dome-Lantern-Finial, Close-up. Sacramento, CA. December 19, 2013. © Copyright Steven Tze – all rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “Sacramento (CA), Capitol Building, Drum-Dome-Lantern-Finial, Close-up

    1. Thanks James! I’m really enjoying the clean lines (and curves) of these municipal buildings at night. The usually busy downtown is nearly vacant and explore worthy. Here’s to a wonderful Christmas for you and yours!


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