Unintentional, intentional, week-long hiatus (no photo!)

Sometimes, you just need a break. In the world of blogging, taking a break isn’t in the lexicon of successful blogs. Your stats, visitor counts, page views all tumble, and take weeks or months to recover, if at all.

Not to scare anyone, I’m not stopping. But this 4 day absence is the longest since I stopped blogging for over a week, maybe it was 2 weeks, just before the summer last year. That time I was completely disillusioned by the world of juried photography competitions.

This time, it is for the lack of time. For those of you that run 365 (1 post a day for a year straight and beyond) blogs, I salute you. For those the run 365 photography blogs, even more kudos. Photography blogs are time consuming. Besides going out to shoot, there is post processing of the photos, and trying to create content to go with the photos. It amounts to easily an hour per post and that’s not counting the time spent shooting.

The increasing workload at my “real” job now includes many nights hunched over my laptop coupled with the days/nights out with friends (to counteract that excessive work schedule and strike that work-life balance everyone talks about but rarely achieves). My archive of photos have run dry. With the daylight still ending early and my leaving the office at about the same time, my archives are not getting replenished. Clearly having no acceptable photos that meet my standard is a big problem. No photo = no post. Simple, I know!

And that hour for blogging is frequently used for things like random naps on the couch in the middle of the evening.

So bear with me the next few weeks. Maybe, the rain we are finally getting in California this winter will present some great photo opportunities. But in the meantime, it will be a slow trickle of posts until Spring and longer days appear. I might even publish up more of these “no photo” posts. I might talk about photography, or some random pondering of life.

But thank you for reading and I’ll eventually get back up to speed with the photographs again.


2 thoughts on “Unintentional, intentional, week-long hiatus (no photo!)

    1. Denis, thanks for empathizing with my “plight” and the laugh at the end about your blog! I’ll keep shooting but not for the sake getting new blog material… at least not for the next few weeks. See you back here soon. đŸ™‚


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