ISO100, 92mm, f/4.5, 30 sec

Tahoma (CA), Pier Ladder, Reflection, Long Exposure


ISO100, 92mm, f/4.5, 30 sec
Tahoma (CA), Pier Ladder, Reflection, Long Exposure


I struggle with what and where I want my path in photography path to take me.  The usual response I have as to why I this isn’t a career path of mine is that being a photographer doesn’t pay.  Or specifically doesn’t pay enough and consumes a good deal of time for where I am now in life.  Perhaps if I were younger or lived with my parents and didn’t have the expenses one accumulates through time (house payments and all the money associated with a house being a primary expense), I could “afford” to be a photographer.  For those with families, the time away whether shooting or holed up in front of the computer processing images, the time requires are very real.  Or perhaps, it is all just an excuse as you budget and find the time if it is important.  Who needs sleep, right?

The truth is always somewhere in the middle.  To have a career as a photographer, the key word being career here, is to treat it as a job.  To put the time in.  Time to shoot, to process photos, to create and follow a business plan, and to self-promote – social media being primary these days, involvement in cooperative galleries is another.

Maybe I will figure it out in the near future.  At least for now, I enjoy the linear process of going out to shoot, processing images, and typing out some of my thoughts on this blog.

Processing Notes: A difficult processing session here primarily due to the light.  The sun was hitting the eastern side of Lake Tahoe (background) while everything in the foreground was a shade.  I initially experimented with blowing out (over exposing) the background in post (processing) so that the image was mostly very bright except for the pier elements.  While interesting, the image in its entirety became a bit blinding.   I ended bringing the exposure of the background back down a bit while desaturized the orange in the mountains to produce a bit of a monochrome image.  I would have preferred some color on the pier elements, but that was not to be with the light given.

EXIF data: Nikon D7000, center-weighted metering mode, ISO100, 92mm, f/4.5, 30 sec

Tahoma (CA), Pier Ladder, Reflection, Long Exposure.  Sugar Pine Point State Park, Tahoma, CA. November 09, 2016. © Copyright Steven Tze – all rights reserved.


3 thoughts on “Tahoma (CA), Pier Ladder, Reflection, Long Exposure

    1. Thanks James, appreciated as always. Thanks for the holiday wishes and I hope you have a great Christmas and New Years as well! It happens ever year, but boy did that year disappear quickly.


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