ISO100, 18mm, f/11, 4 sec

Point Arena (CA), Lighthouse Stairs and Support, Filtered Light


ISO100, 18mm, f/11, 4 sec
Point Arena (CA), Lighthouse Stairs and Support, Filtered Light


Though I had taken quite a few shots from the inside of the lighthouse and wavered on staying a few minutes longer (but did not do so), there are more compositions to be taken at the Point Arena Lighthouse.  Actually, I could spend a good deal of time in any lighthouse that will allow visitors.  Note to self, stop driving past lighthouses to get to another photo location.

The primary composition I had coming into the lighthouse was to create a fine art photograph of the stairs with a nautilus effect.  Any other compositions would be icing on the cake for me.  I was able to capture that in Point Arena (CA), Lighthouse Stairs, Monochrome.  With that photograph, I wish I had a wider angle lens than the 18mm used.  It would have provided a bit more buffer between the staircase and the edges of the photograph.

When I am on vacation I do not give myself the time for the deliberate and slow photo taking process.

There is good and bad to that approach.  The good is obvious, we are enjoying our time away from everything and focus on enjoying every sight and sound around us.  Also, when all we care about is just being at a location and spending time to explore, there is not the concern of when we are there and when is the best light.  It is a liberating break for a photographer.  The bad is being in all these great places and hoping to one day come back for some serious photography!

Processing Notes: Unlike the nautilus photograph in which I wanted to isolate the staircase by blowing out the walls into white surrounding element and creating a monochrome/B&W image, the photograph here remains in color.  What I wanted to retain here is the filtered light coming in from the entrance at the bottom of the lighthouse tower.  The rust on the metal stairs and the white walls capture the warm glow in an otherwise dark and cold concrete chamber.  This photograph was a very quick processing effort – with a very small crop at the bottom, increase in contrast, and increase in sharpness/detail in select areas.

EXIF data: Nikon D7000, center-weighted metering mode, ISO100, 18mm, f/11, 4 sec

Point Arena (CA), Lighthouse Stairs and Support, Filtered Light.  Point Arena, CA. June 29, 2015. © Copyright Steven Tze – all rights reserved.


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