ISO100, 46mm, f/8, 0.5 sec

Sacramento (CA), Window and Grate, Ivy, Tree


ISO100, 46mm, f/8, 0.5 sec
Sacramento (CA), Window and Grate, Ivy, Tree

A bit ironic that when I lived closer to and worked in downtown Sacramento, I never ventured too far beyond 9th Street, K Street, and the Downtown Mall (which is now the brand new Golden 1 Center – home of the Sacramento Kings basketball team).  It was only years after moving further away and working much further away that I began to come back, explore, and eventually begin photographing the downtown area.  While there are new and shiny buildings cropping up, it is the older buildings in the warehouse district and the utilitarian (and maybe boring) government buildings that I am drawn to the most.

Processing Notes: While the composition is a little different than my usual it has a feel that works for me. Processing the image into something I liked was a challenge due to the green color.  I was working with three shades of green that, combined, dominated the overall tone due to the white wall (background).  When nothing is working for me in Lightroom, but I am absolutely committed to the composition, I will take a quick peek at a possible monochrome conversion.  If that is not the route to take, I will go back to color and try out various presets I have downloaded over the years and find a starting point to make further edits to.  For this photograph I used Marakov presets, which are actually used more for portrait photography, but it gives me the slightly unsaturated tones to balance out the initial green overload.

EXIF data: Nikon D7000, center-weighted metering mode, ISO100, 46mm, f/8, 0.5 sec

Sacramento (CA), Window and Grate, Ivy, Tree.  Department of Transportation Building, Sacramento, CA. November 06, 2016. © Copyright Steven Tze – all rights reserved.


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