ISO100, 35mm (prime lens), f/8, 1 sec

Cameron Park (CA), Bearded Iris, Overhead View

ISO100, 35mm (prime lens), f/8, 1 sec
Cameron Park (CA), Bearded Iris, Overhead View


There are certainly different angles to explore with this Bearded Iris.  The idea is to spend some time in the early evening photographing this flower after the direct sunlight has dropped behind the nearby hill .  The mosquitoes had other ideas.  While I can deal with a single mosquito at a time, a few mosquitoes become a harbinger of bumpy red bites on my skin as I carefully try to compose shots through the viewfinder.  Soon enough I either hear their high-pitched buzzing or a pinch on the skin.  So after 3 angles and a total of 6 shots, I had enough.  Maybe I will give it another attempt in the morning.

Plant Notes: There are so many varieties of Bearded Iris due to extensive hybridization resulting in a seemingly unlimited palette of colors, larger flower sizes, but a lessening of flower fragrance.  In fact, I have not been able to identify the exact variety of Iris growing in the garden.

I am convinced the Iris plant did not put out any flowers last spring.  Perhaps with the record rainfall this past winter, the plant has enough energy this year to give a good display.  There are several other Iris plants growing nearby, but none are showing signs of flowering.  By late summer, the rhizomes need to be divided and the strongest rhizomes replanted in new locations.  Hopefully next spring each of these replanted rhizomes will become a healthy Iris plant that will put up a strong display of Bearded Iris flowers!

EXIF data: Nikon D7000, center-weighted metering mode, ISO100, 35mm (prime lens), f/8, 1 sec

Cameron Park (CA), Bearded Iris, Overhead View. Cameron Park, CA. May 03, 2017. © Copyright Steven Tze – all rights reserved.


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