ISO100, 78mm, f/18, 0.4 sec

Gardiner (OR), Lake House, Lily Pads, Forest

ISO100, 78mm, f/18, 0.4 sec
Gardiner (OR), Lake House, Lily Pads, Forest

After spending a couple of days in Bandon, Oregon, it was time to make my way north towards Washington.  Coos Bay was 24 miles north and I had always had this idea the entire city was a quaint beach town and there would be photo opportunities galore.  Not quite.  Maybe it was just how Coos Bay rolled off the tongue.  Maybe it was based on a page in a travel journal I had read 3 years ago that romanticized Coos Bay somehow in my mind.  Whatever I thought, it was generally wrong.

David & Kalli Willson’s journal entry @ Point Arena

While I was impressed and courteousness the gas station attendant (and yes, by state law they have to fill your tank for you), the industrial nature of the section of town I passed through was in stark contrast to the beach and sea stack landscapes of Bandon.  Mind you, I would come back to Coos Bay a few days later, but on this day, I pressed on northward.

The Central Oregon Coast is a mixture of sand dunes, conifer forest, lakes, and coastal vistas.  Almost 40 miles north of Coos Bay and several failed attempts for a place to stop and shoot possible images, I finally stopped at Tahkenitch Lake to shoot a panorama.  Across the lake, this house with its blue roof stood out.  Not one to miss this opportunity, I made sure to capture this photograph.

EXIF data: center-weighted metering, ISO100, 78mm, f/18, 0.4 sec (w/ c-pol)

Gardiner (OR), Lake House, Lily Pads, Forest.  Tahkenitch Lake, Gardiner, OR. August 06, 2018. © Copyright Steven Tze – all rights reserved.


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